Core Cutting

Core Cutting

Concrete cutting is a process of controlled sawing, drilling and removing concrete. Skilled operators use special saws to cut concrete and asphalt with precision, accuracy and very few mistakes. In the past, concrete cutting companies would use jack hammers to break up the concrete, but that method left everything dusty and messy. Modern concrete cutting techniques involve the use of specialized machinery to leave a smooth, attractive finish of concrete, asphalt, metal and rock.

Concrete Cutting Methods: How Many Are There and What Are They?

Although some methods of cutting concrete are more common than others, there are actually various ways of core cutting in concrete. Here are the five most common methods:

Diamond sawing. Diamond saws are faster, more precise and require fewer operators. They can also cut rebar and other metals, and they are quieter and create less vibration than other saws. However, diamond cutting systems are usually used solely by contractors.

Concrete wall sawing. Cutting concrete walls is a process only circular blades on a track-mounted machine can handle. The track makes it possible for the saw to climb walls or cut ceilings. This method is used to cut walls between 16 and 36 inches thick.

Flat sawing. Floors, bridge decks and pavements require the flat sawing method, also known as slab sawing. The saws used for flat sawing are placed on a cart that the operator pushes from behind. This particular method is used to get to broken pipes or wiring beneath a concrete floor. It’s also used to fix a highway road or cut plumbing trenches.

Core drilling. Core cutting in concrete is a method used for creating openings for pipes, wires, ventilating or air conditioning vents to fit through. Core drilling is basically another way of saying the cutter is making precise, circular holes. A concrete coring company will use core drills—steel tubes with diamond-tipped bits—to get the job done. It’s smart to hire core cutting services to perform core drilling because, although it may seem easy, it’s a method that requires lots of skill and precision.

Wire sawing. Commercial concrete cutters resort to wire sawing when no other methods work or are impractical. This method is usually used for much larger concrete cutting jobs. Made from a cable with tiny diamond segments put through pulleys attached to a hydraulic-powered drive, wire saws are complex machinery that should only be handled by professionals.

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