Renovation Work

Renovation Work

Every home renovation project is unique—as individual as the home and the residents living in it. Yet designers and builders can attest that certain issues crop up again and again for homeowners. Fortunately, there are innovative design solutions to address these challenges. Below is a list of common design problems along with home renovations to fix them. However, homeowners also tend to make certain mistakes again and again. Later, you will find a list of common renovation mistakes to avoid.

Your house feels dark and cramped.

Many older homes were built with the philosophy that each room needed to be dedicated to a specific task with no interaction with adjoining spaces. Resulting in homes with many small rooms lacking spatial flow and natural light.

If your home faces these problems, you might want to consider an open floor plan in your next remodeling project. This means tearing down walls between rooms to create a big open space—usually a combination family room, breakfast nook, and kitchen. Individual “rooms” within the space can be delineated by half walls, floor coverings, ceiling details, lighting, or wall color. Creating clear sight lines from one space to another creates a sense of openness, and the absence of walls allows light to travel further throughout the house.

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